Our Services

  • low volume high pressure testing for oilfield hosing and chiksan swivel joints
  • ultrasonic precision thickness measurements on internally corroded metals, plastics, composites, glass, rubber, ceramics
  • laser shaft alignment
  • cap line purge system for downhole pumps
  • hydraulics
  • specialty and shop tooling for downhole pumps


The objective of accurate alignment is to increase the life span of the rotating machinery. The components on the machinery that are most likely to fail have and must operate well within their design limits. Parts that are most likely to fail are the bearings, seals, couplings and shafts.
The correct shaft alignment will minimize the amount of wear in the coupling components, bending of the shafts and the other parts mentioned above and it will maintain proper internal clearances.


Industry is losing millions of dollars every year due to misalignment.
Common symptoms of misalignment are:
  • premature bearing, seal, shaft, belts, chains, coupling failures
  • high temperatures at the bearing or near the bearings
  • high oil temperature
  • high amount of lubricant leakage
  • high number of coupling failure
  • shafts are bending or breaking

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